MGA Workshop I: Multiscale Geometry in Image Processing and Coding

September 20 - 24, 2004


Understanding the geometry of object boundaries has long played an important role in the literature of Image processing. Also, multiscale thinking has been very important in understanding statistics of natural images. Hence, the importance of geometry and multiscale thinking is well-established. Recently, a wide range of more explicit interactions between multiscale methods and geometry have been developed, bearing names like bandelettes, curvelets, warplets, wedgelets, contourlets, ridgelets and beamlets.

In this workshop, we will gather together experts in these multiscale techniques, along with image analysis and image processing experts having cognate interests.

Organizing Committee

Stéphane Mallat (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau France/CMAP)
Francois Meyer, Chair (University of Colorado)
Naoki Saito (University of California at Davis)
Jean-Luc Starck (CEA Saclay, France)