MGA Workshop V: Math Analysis and Multiscale Geometric Analysis

November 15 - 19, 2004


This workshop will explore several developing areas of mathematical analysis where geometry and multiscale analysis intersect. On the one hand, we will explore recent progress in multiscale geometric representations of operators, such as wave and other hyperbolic operators, and also various multilinear operators such as those associated with 3-point correlation functions; emphasizing recent results that show sparse representations of such operators by curvelets (parabolic scaling-based decompositions). On the other hand, there has recently been a great deal of progress in the areas of Analytic Capacity and Kakeya sets. We will gather experts in these and related areas to discuss recent advances and open problems.

Organizing Committee

Emmanuel Candes (California Institute of Technology)
Guy David (University of Paris Sud)
John Garnett (UCLA)
Peter Jones (Yale University)
Hart Smith (University of Washington)
Terence Tao (UCLA)
Christoph Thiele (UCLA)