IPAM Room 1200 Dedication 140425IPAM seeks program proposals from the mathematical, statistical, and scientific communities for long programs, workshops, and summer schools.  Most program proposals are reviewed at IPAM’s Science Advisory Board meeting, held in November each year.  If you would like to discuss your program ideas and prepare a proposal for IPAM's consideration, you are encouraged to contact the IPAM Director. For all proposals, please include women and members of underrepresented minorities as organizers, speakers, and participants.  

gss2011 029Summer Schools are generally 2 to 3 weeks in length and incorporate both tutorials (a series of lectures introducing the subject) and research talks illustrating applications. They are directed toward graduate students and recent PhDs and may be designed for a small (40-60) or large (100-125) audience. The standards for summer school proposals are comparable to those for workshops. A supplemental source of funding is desirable, given the higher cost associated with summer schools.  Summer School proposals will be considered at the Science Advisory Board meeting that takes place a year and a half (or more) before the proposed dates.