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IPAM seeks program proposals from the mathematical, statistical, and scientific communities for long programs, workshops, and summer schools.  Most program proposals are reviewed at IPAM’s Science Advisory Board meeting, held in November each year.  Programs are selected on the basis of their scientific impact and contribution to IPAM’s goals of improving equity, diversity and inclusion in mathematics and other sciences.  If you would like to discuss your program ideas and prepare a proposal for IPAM's consideration, you are encouraged to contact the IPAM Director.


IPAM accepts proposals for winter workshops and exploratory workshops.

Winter workshops are typically five days in length, held in January or February, and usually involve 20-25 presentations. The Science Advisory Board typically considers proposals for winter workshops 14-15 months in advance at the November meeting. Proposals for workshops on multiscale physics will be considered for inclusion in an endowed series made possible by the Julian Schwinger Foundation for Physics Research (JSF).

Exploratory workshops are typically two or three days in length. These workshops focus on a hot topic of emerging interest. They are organized in just 6-12 months and may be considered by the Science Advisory Board at any time.


Workshop Proposals


In evaluating workshop proposals, IPAM looks for programs that:

  • Are timely and are likely to have substantial scientific impact
  • Have a strong connection with one or more mathematical fields and will result in progress in those fields and/or expansion of applications of these fields
  • Will be able to contribute to the goals of improving equity, diversity and inclusion in mathematics and other sciences
  • Contribute to development of human resources by providing opportunities for junior researchers

A successful workshop proposal should aim to discuss the following topics:

  • The organizing committee. Please designate one organizer as the lead contact for the proposal.  Organizers are expected to fully participate in the workshop and stay at IPAM for its duration.
  • Scientific aspects of the program (1-1.5 pages). What is the main topic of the workshop?  Why is the workshop timely?
  • Who might be the potential speakers and participants? It is not necessary to solicit commitment from these at the time of the application.  Additional participants are typically selected through an application process.  If appropriate, please highlight the scientific fields represented by speakers and organizers, and whether they belong to an under-represented group.
  • Broader impacts of the workshop (0.5-1 page). How will the workshop contribute to the Institute’s mission of equity, diversity and inclusion in mathematics and other sciences?    How will the workshop ensure involvement of women and members of underrepresented communities at all stages of planning and execution? 
  • Other activities during the program: list any other activities that would help achieve the scientific and broader impact goals of the workshop. Examples include public lectures or demonstrations, or other activities, such as panels.
  • Industrial Partners (optional): List possible partners in industry, government, or at National Labs. If appropriate, mention if such partnerships might result in additional funding for the workshop.

Winter Workshop applications are due September 30th (contact IPAM director if an extension is necessary).  Exploratory workshop applications are accepted throughout the year.