Computational Psychiatry: Funding Opportunities and New Research Directions

Michele Ferrante
National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Bringing more computational formalism to psychiatric research at all levels — basic, clinical, and implementation research — will help the Mental Health research community do better, more rigorous, and impactful research. The purpose of this talk is to invite applications for a broad range of research efforts applying sophisticated computational approaches (theory- and data-driven) to basic and/or clinical neuroscience relevant to mental health priorities. Several funding opportunities will be presented supporting fundamental computational neuroscience and psychiatry research developing innovative analytical methodologies and approaches. Early stage development of tools and software, and refinement or hardening of software and tools of high value to the neuroscience and psychiatric community are highly encouraged. NIMH aims to stimulate novel and rigorous computational modeling using mathematical approaches and/or computer simulations to represent or describe dynamical neurobiological phenomena with the goal of advancing understanding of the neuro-behavioral bases of psychiatric processes being modeled.

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