The emergence of gapless quantum spin liquid near deconfined quantum critical point

Zhengcheng Gu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Deconfined quantum critical point(DQCP) between Neel state and valence bond solid(VBS) state has been observed in many different theoretical models, including the most famous J-Q model. In this talk, I will discuss the possibility of emergent gapless quantum spin liquid(QSL) near DQCP. By performing the state-of-the-art tensor network state method, specifically, the finite projected entangled pair state (PEPS) algorithm, we study the global phase diagram for both the spin-1/2 J1-J2 and J1-J2-J3 square antiferromagnetic Heisenberg models. We provide very solid evidence that the nature of the intermediate nonmagnetic phase is actually a gapless quantum spin liquid (QSL), whose spin-spin and dimer-dimer correlations both decay with a power law behavior. I will also discuss the potential effective field theory for such a gapless QSL state.

Presentation (PDF File)

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