Co-Design to Enable User-Friendly Tools to Assess the Impact of Future Mobility Solutions

Gioele Zardini
ETH Zurich
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, Institute for

The design of future mobility solutions (autonomous vehicles, micromobility, etc.) and the design of the mobility systems they enable are closely coupled. Indeed, knowledge about the intended service of novel mobility solutions would impact their design and deployment process, whilst insights about their technological development could significantly affect transportation management policies. This requires tools to study such a coupling and co-design future mobility systems in terms of different objectives. In this talk I will present an approach to address such co-design problems. In particular, I will present our framework, which is modular and compositional, allowing one to describe the design problem as the interconnection of its individual components and to tackle it from a system-level perspective. Our results show that it is possible to think about the co-design of future mobility systems, by optimizing the choice of sensors for an autonomous vehicle together with the choice of the fleet size for an AMoD service.

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