Corporate Giving

IPAM offers opportunities for corporations to participate in our scientific programs, propose topics for programs, and support activities that are designed to promote diversity in math and science. For more information on any of the opportunities listed below, please contact IPAM’s Assistant Director.

Sponsor a RIPS Project

Industrial participation is a defining feature of Research in Industrial Projects for Students. RIPS offers industry-sponsored research projects to undergraduate students in math and related disciplines. IPAM recruits corporate sponsors to propose a project and provide feedback and support to the student team throughout the nine-week program. The sponsors benefit from the results of the research as well as from access to highly talented student participants–some of whom may work for the company afterwards.

The first RIPS program in 2001 had four sponsors: Arete, Digital Domain, HRL, and Protein Pathways. Over the next 12 years, sixteen additional companies have sponsored RIPS projects. A number of national laboratories, divisions of NASA, civic and nonprofit organizations have also sponsored RIPS projects.  Many sponsors return each year (The Aerospace Corporation has sponsored a project every year since 2008), but there is typically room for one or two new sponsors.

Scientific Programs

IPAM long programs, workshops and summer schools benefit from the participation of industrial researchers, and the corporation benefits from the training, networking, recruiting, and opportunities for collaboration that the IPAM program offers. Members of the research staff from a variety of industries, such as data processing, information technology, aerospace, biotechnology, and engineering, come to IPAM workshops and programs. In the past year, researchers from Bosch, Seimens, Microsoft, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Reddit, and Google have visited IPAM.

We invite industry sponsorship of IPAM programs. IPAM offers scientific workshops and summer schools on topics that may be relevant to your company’s current research. The level and benefits associated with these sponsorship opportunities are negotiable and can be designed to suit your organization’s specific needs.

We also invite researchers from corporations to suggest a topic for a scientific program. This can be a 2 or 3-day “exploratory” workshop, a five-day workshop, a 1 to 3-week summer school, or a three-month long program.

Diversity Programs

IPAM offers workshops and conferences that promote diversity in the mathematical sciences and encourage underrepresented minorities to pursue research careers—priorities that many corporations share. We seek corporate sponsorship for these activities as well.

Employee Matching Programs

Finally, we encourage individuals making personal donations to IPAM to seek matching contributions from their employer. You may check UCLA’s database to see if your company has a matching gift program before making your donation.