Funding Priorities

We seek the support of friends who share our vision and are willing to help to forward it. Your donation will help us to enrich and improve IPAM’s programs and initiatives, including:

Improvements to our Facilities. IPAM has updated its kitchen, replaced most of the desks in the participants’ offices, and recently finished major renovations to the lecture hall: we built two WFM2017 Academic Day_croppedplatforms to improve sight lines, and installed new chairs, carpet, video camera and screen. We want to continue to improve our facilities by replacing the furniture and carpet in the lobby and planning video equipment upgrades every four years. These enhancements (which NSF funding cannot support) will help us better serve our participants and the greater math community.

Child Care Fund. Help IPAM support women and men whose active participation in the program is dependent on securing reliable, full- or part-time care for a young child or children. A generous donation from the Berland Foundation has made this program possible, but we seek additional support so that we may serve more participants attending IPAM workshops and long programs.JPLteam

Support for RIPS. Research in Industrial Projects for Students, or RIPS, is a unique research experience for undergraduate students because the projects are sponsored by industry. We have offered RIPS in LA since 2001, and in Hong Kong since 2011. In 2014, we introduced a graduate-level version of RIPS in Berlin, and in 2018, a similar program in Sendai, Japan. These programs allow U.S. students to work side-by-side with students from another country while also gaining research experience in industrial math. Your support will help us to expand the RIPS program.