IPAM Wraps Up Successful Workshop on New Deep Learning Techniques

Posted on 2/26/18 in News

001The week of February 5, 2018 IPAM held one of its largest workshops to date on New Deep Learning Techniques.  The workshop included two public lectures by Yann LeCun, Director of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research and professor at NYU, as part of IPAM’s Green Family Lecture Series, with audiences of over 500.  Throughout the week, experts in the field gave stimulating research talks that were well received by the more than 165 workshop participants.  Thanks to the workshop organizers Xavier Bresson (NTU), Michael Bronstein (USI, TAU, Intel), Joan Bruan (NYU), Yann LeCun (NYU, CIFAR, Facebook), Stanley Osher (UCLA), and Arthur Szlam (Facebook) for their valuable service to IPAM and the community.  Videos of the lectures can be found on our website and on our YouTube Channel.