Kenyon, Tibshirani, and Witten Join IPAM’s Science Advisory Board

Posted on 8/22/19 in News

Daniela Witten

IPAM is pleased to welcome three new members to its Science Advisory Board this fall: Richard Kenyon, Ryan Tibshirani, and Daniela Witten.

  • Kenyon is the Erastus L. DeForest Professor of Mathematics at Yale University. His research focuses on mathematical models of crystal formation and phase transitions. Kenyon was an organizer and core participant for IPAM’s 2007 spring long program Random Shapes. He was an organizer and speaker for multiple workshops within Random Shapes and will be a speaker in IPAM’s upcoming 2020 winter workshop Asymptotic Algebraic Combinatorics.
  • Tibshirani is an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests lie broadly in statistics, machine learning, and optimization. He is an Associate Editor for multiple journals such as Annals of Statistics and the Journal of Machine Learning Research. Tibshirani is also on the Editorial Board for the Springer Series in Data Sciences.
  • Witten is the Dorothy Gilford Endowed Chair in Mathematical Sciences and a Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics at University of Washington’s School of Public Health. Her research involves the development of statistical machine learning methods for high-dimensional data with applications to genomics and other fields. Witten recently received the Spiegelman Award for outstanding public heath statistician under the age of 40.

IPAM’s Science Advisory Board Meeting convenes in early November to review proposals to determine IPAM’s 2021/2022 programs. Proposals for long and short programs will be accepted until October 1st and should be sent to