Klaus Mueller Receives 2014 Science Prize

Posted on 11/25/14 in News

Klaus_MullerProfessor Klaus-Robert Mueller won the 2014 Science Prize of the State of Berlin, in Berlin, Germany. The Science Prize has been awarded since 2008, and comes with 40,000 Euros. The award announcement specifically cites his work on the brain-computer interface. Applications of this technology are being developed in a joint project between the Technical University of Berlin and Berlin’s most famous Medical Center, The Charité.

Mueller is a full professor at TU Berlin where he leads the Machine Learning Group. He has been to IPAM several times, including as a participant of the 2011 long program on Chemical Compound Space. He gave an IPAM public lecture at UCLA in 2013. He is an organizer of the 2015 workshop Machine Learning for Many Particle Systems and an upcoming long program on a similar topic.