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Two RIPS Posters Receive Awards at JMM

Posted on 1/26/15 in News

Two posters featuring RIPS-Los Angeles projects and presented by several team members received Outstanding Presentation Awards at the MAA Undergraduate Poster Session. Andrew Belt and Nathan Ng won for their poster, “Polynomial expansion method for the numerical solution of the Lenard-Balescu equation.” The project sponsor […]

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Candes to Receive Prize at JMM

Posted on 12/15/14 in News

Emmanuel Candès (Stanford) will be awarded the 2015 AMS-SIAM George David Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics “for his work on compressed sensing that has revolutionized signal processing and medical imaging and his related work on computational harmonic analysis, statistics and scientific computing.” The award will […]

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Candes Emmanuel

Klaus Mueller Receives 2014 Science Prize

Posted on 11/25/14 in News

Professor Klaus-Robert Mueller won the 2014 Science Prize of the State of Berlin, in Berlin, Germany. The Science Prize has been awarded since 2008, and comes with 40,000 Euros. The award announcement specifically cites his work on the brain-computer interface. Applications of this technology are being […]

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AMS Honors Six IPAM Participants, Board Members

Posted on 11/21/14 in News

The American Mathematical Society recently announced the 2015 class of AMS Fellows. The program recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics. Congratulations to the IPAM speakers, organizers, board members, and long program participants who made […]

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