RIPS 2012 Students Present Research at JMM

Posted on 1/23/13 in News

Twenty-two RIPS-LA and RIPS-Hong Kong (2012) students presented their research at the Joint Math Meetings on January 11, 2013. Ten teams represented RIPS at the MAA Undergraduate Poster jmm2013 002Session, and four of them won Outstanding Presentation awards, including Austin Alleman and Arturo Fernandez, presenting the LAPD project, and Juan Ramirez who presented the IBM team’s work. Additionally, two RIPS-Hong Kong teams were recognized: Elizabeth Cangialosi and Aashish Gadani (BGI), and Skyler Seto and Karen Larson (Huawei). Two teams were selected to give oral presentations of their research at the AMS Session on Undergraduate Research in Applied Mathematics. Imanol Arrieta Ibarra, Christie Quaranta, Eric Schwartz, and Elena Sizikova presented the Shoah Foundation project, and Louis Bohorquez and Jason Xu represented the Aerospace Corporation team. Congratulations to all!