Advances in Scientific Computing, Imaging Science and Optimization: Stan Osher’s 70th Birthday Conference

April 4 - 6, 2012


Efficient algorithms for scientific computing, imaging science and optimization have developed rapidly over the past decade. Stan Osher has been at the forefront of this progress with ground-breaking contributions on high resolution shock capturing schemes, the level set method, applications to multi-phase flows, computer vision, TV (total variation) based image restoration, and L1-minimization and optimization. In honor of Stan’s 70th birthday, this will be a forward looking conference covering recent progress and new directions in several important aspects of scientific computing, imaging science and optimization. It will emphasize the crucial role of significant mathematics in the design of advanced algorithms and methodologies applicable to real world applications.


The conference will include about 22 invited speakers ranging from pure mathematicians with a strong interest in applications to applied and computational mathematicians to engineers and scientists in other fields. We also encourage contributed poster presentations and participation from young scientists and graduate students, and we anticipate availability of funds to support their participation at the conference.

A special issue of the Journal of Scientific Computing (volume 54, issues 2-3, February 2013) was dedicated to this conference.

Organizing Committee

Russel Caflisch (Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics)
Weinan E (Princeton University)
Guillermo Sapiro (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Chi-Wang Shu (Brown University)