Workshop in Celebration of Bjorn Engquist’s 60th Birthday: International Forum on Multiscale Methods and Partial Differential Equations

August 26 - 27, 2005


Bjorn Engquist has been a pioneer in the field of multiscale methods and partial differential equations. This conference celebrates his many contributions and his work.

In this forum, we will try to strike a balance between theory, numerics, and applications. In addition, to address some new developments in nonlinear PDE theory and new Numerical methodology, we will focus on multiscale modeling and simulations in fluids and materials, geophysical and environmental science including wave propagation in random media and multiscale climate modeling, free boundary problems arising from materials science, and multi-component fluid dynamics.

Emphasis will be placed on the interplay among theory, numerics and applications. To better integrate across these three aspects, we highlight below three main themes:

  • Fundamental Theory and Numerical Analysis
  • Multiscale Analysis, Modeling and Simulation
  • Applications: Geophysics, Materials Science, Free Boundary Problems

Primary funding for this program is from numerous organizations. IPAM is providing the facility for the forum.

Organizing Committee

Russel Caflisch (UCLA)
Weinan E, Co-chair (Princeton University)
Tom Hou, Co-chair (California Institute of Technology)
Stanley Osher (IPAM)
Richard Tsai (University of Texas, Austin)
Hong-Kai Zhao (University of California at Irvine)