Advancing Traffic Control through Big Data and Connectivity

October 7, 2015


Interstate 210This one day workshop will include traffic management and traffic control experts from academia, industry, and government. It will include a series of presentations from these three sectors to go over challenges and opportunities in the field of traffic control and management, in particular on the following topics: (i) use of novel types of data, (ii) new paradigms in traffic lights coordination, metering etc; (iii) collaborations between multiple jurisdictions in integrated corridor management; and (iv) managing mobility at the level of corridors. The participants will discuss various progress made in the last years in the field of modeling, algorithm design, implementation, testing, and validation. Successes and challenges will be discussed. In the afternoon, there will be a tour of the Caltrans Los Angeles Traffic Management Center. A bus will be provided by IPAM for those who register by September 28, 2015.

Please register by sending an email to the address below and indicate if you plan to attend the morning talks, the afternoon tour, or both. Please respond by October 5, 2015.


Organizing Committee

Alexandre Bayen, Co-chair (University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley))
Joe Butler (UC Berkeley PATH)
Christian Claudel, Co-chair (University of Texas at Austin)
Daniel Work, Co-chair (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)