Computational Astrophysics Tutorials

March 8 - 11, 2005


The 3-month program will open with a set of tutorials, given by members of the semester’s Scientific Organizing Committee as well as by other distinguished astrophysicists and mathematicians. The tutorials are designed to provide a broad overview of current issues in computational astrophysics, accessible to scientists from many different backgrounds.

Talks will relate both to specific grand challenge problems and to mathematical and computational approaches for addressing them. Specific topics will include:

  • Scientific overview of grand challenges from decadal survey
    • Integrated theory of the formation of large-scale structure in the universe
    • Processes occurring at the centers of galaxies
    • Star formation from the first stars to current low mass and high mass star formation
    • Stellar endpoints
  • Computational and numerical techniques
    • Finite differences
    • N-body methods
    • Particle-based approaches
    • Methods for solving GR equations

Organizing Committee

Phillip Colella (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Richard Klein (UC Berkeley and LLNL)
Mark Morris (UCLA)
Stanley Osher (IPAM)
Harold Yorke (California Institute of Technology)