Mathematics of Subgrid-Scale Phenomena in Atmospheric and Oceanic Flow

January 28 - February 5, 2002


A central problem in attempts to understand and predict the evolution of atmospheric or oceanic flows is how best to represent the unresolved scales in these flows. In the jargon of dynamic meteorology or physical oceanography this is called the parameterization problem, while in the jargon of turbulence it is called the closure problem. The most pertinent areas of analysis and applied mathematics are homogenization theory, probability and non-linear stochastic PDEs. The purpose of this workshop is to explore two complementary issues that arise in the context of the parameterization problem: (i) the extent to which modern techniques in applied mathematics can be brought to bear on its formulation and partial solution; and (ii) the extent to which problems in the representation of atmospheric and oceanic flows create fertile new areas of mathematical inquiry.

Organizing Committee

Kerry Emanuel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Markos Katsoulakis (University of Massachusetts)
Andrew Majda (New York University)
Bjorn Stevens (UCLA)