Moving Interfaces and Threshold Dynamics

Part of the Long Program Geometrically Based Motions
May 9 - 11, 2001


Interface dynamics play a key role in the rapidly developing field of spatial complex systems, which analyzes deterministic and stochastic models for nonlinear phenomena across the spectrum of pure and applied science. The evolution of threshold-driven interfaces for nucleation, cluster growth, and droplet interaction sheds new light on processes such as spiral formation in excitable media, the shape theory of crystals, dendritic aggregation, and phase separation by surface tension. New and promising numerical, stochastic and analytical approaches to these problems have been and are currently being developed. Interface analysis plays a crucial role, for example, in recent exciting progress of understanding the ergodic formations of self-organized traffic jams. The proposed workshop will bring together pure and applied researchers from the stochastic, numerical and analytical sides of both PDE and lattice-based modeling, to share their expertise in order to advance our understanding of these important problems of basic science.

Organizing Committee

David Griffeath (University of Wisconsin)
Takis Souganidis (University of Texas, Austin)