NANO2002 Workshop I: Alternative Computing

September 30 - October 3, 2002


The limits of Moore’s law are clearly on the horizon, and there are a number of current proposals for future computing models, each of which would represent a major breakthrough. These include quantum computing, biological computing, molecular computing, and neural nets. Each of these has some very promising features in terms of speed, complexity and efficiency, but there remain a number of unresolved issues involving input/output, fault tolerance and algorithm development that are required in order to implement these models. This workshop will bring together experts representing a wide range of scientific viewpoints on alternative computing models. The aim of the workshop is to promote research on alternative computing, to stimulate interactions among individuals working on different approaches to alternative computing, and to help bring the open problems in this field to the attention of mathematicians and nanosystem researchers.

Organizing Committee

Russel Caflisch (UCLA)
James Heath (UCLA)
Vwani Roychowdhury (UCLA)