Structure and Randomness in System Identification and Learning

January 15 - 18, 2013

Speaker List

Alekh Agarwal (Microsoft Research)
Emmanuel Candes (Stanford University, Applied and Computational Mathematics)
Constantine Caramanis (University of Texas at Austin)
Venkat Chandrasekaran (California Institute of Technology)
Munther Dahleh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Inderjit Dhillon (University of Texas at Austin, Computer Science)
John Doyle (California Institute of Technology, Control and Dynamical Systems)
Maryam Fazel (University of Washington, Electrical Engineering)
Babak Hassibi (California Institute of Technology)
Lennart Ljung (Linköping University)
Michael Mahoney (Stanford University)
Andrea Montanari (Stanford University)
Deanna Needell (Claremont McKenna College, Mathematics)
Sahand Negahban (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Pablo Parrilo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Nathan Srebro (University of Chicago, Computer Science, Toyota Technological Institute)
Mario Sznaier (Northeastern University)
Joel Tropp (California Institute of Technology)
Stephen Wright (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Computer Science)
Lin Xiao (Microsoft Research)
Tong Zhang (Rutgers University-Camden)