Workshop II: Computational Challenges in Magnetized Plasma

April 16 - 20, 2012


The workshop will focus on accurate, effective simulation of critical science elements that elucidate grand scientific challenges in magnetized plasmas. Science elements that will be plws2explored include magnetic reconnection, multi-scale transport, plasma-material interaction, and wave-particle physics. Science driver challenges include: particle acceleration during naturally occurring and laboratory reconnections; multiscale phenomena in rapidly varying boundary layers; thermal electron transport along and across magnetic fields; and wave-particle acceleration mechanisms. Examples of computational frontiers include applicability of massively scalable implicit time-advanced methods and, high order accurate spatial discretization methods for lab and space magnetized plasma simulations. The goal of the workshop is to identify promising approaches for achieving solution of grand challenge problems in magnetized laboratory and astrophysical/space plasmas and also cross-cutting areas with HEDP in both science, mathematics, and computing, and for defining related validation requirements that are needed to test the simulation predictions.

Organizing Committee

Jeff Candy (General Atomics)
Vincent Chan, Chair (General Atomics)
Jill Dahlburg (United States Naval Research Laboratory)
William Dorland (University of Maryland)
James Drake (University of Maryland)
Leslie Greengard (New York University)
Vyacheslav Lukin (United States Naval Research Laboratory)