Workshop IV: Finding Algebraic Structures in Extremal Combinatorial Configurations

May 19 - 23, 2014


Understanding the fine structure of extremal configurations is a key step in the solution of many problems in extremal combinatorics. For example, in many cases a group action underlies the structure found in an extremal scenario, making the problem amenable to algebraic methods.

This principle is illustrated by recent work of Elekes, Hrushovski, Szabó and Green and Tao amongst others, who applied techniques from algebra, algebraic geometry, model theory and additive combinatorics to obtain important new results in discrete geometry.

We expect this fusion of algebraic geometry and combinatorics to become a very active area of research in the coming months and years. It is our aim to showcase the most exciting results, techniques and recent trends in this workshop. This workshop will include a poster session; a request for posters will be sent to registered participants in advance of the workshop.

Organizing Committee

Emmanuel Breuillard (Université d'Orsay)
Ben Green (University of Oxford)
Jozsef Solymosi (University of British Columbia)
Terence Tao (University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA))
Julia Wolf, Chair (University of Bristol)