Workshops II: Numerical Tools and Fast Algorithms for Massive Data Mining, Search Engines and Applications

October 15 - 19, 2007

Speaker List

Michael Berry (University of Tennessee)
Dan Boley (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Leon Bottou (NEC Research Institute)
Chris Burges (Microsoft Research)
Oliver Chapelle (Yahoo! Research)
Inderjit Dhillon (University of Texas at Austin)
Rob Fergus (New York University)
Andrew Fitzgibbon (Microsoft Research)
Kristen Grauman (University of Texas at Austin)
Mark Green (Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics)
Bruce Hendrickson (Sandia National Laboratories)
Alfred Inselberg (Tel Aviv University)
Michael Isard (Microsoft Research)
Peter Jones (Yale University)
Tamara Kolda (Sandia National Laboratories)
Svetlana Lazebnik (University of North Carolina)
Yann LeCun (New York University)
Till Quack (Eidgenössische TH Zürich-Hönggerberg)
Vladimir Rokhlin (Yale University)
Sam Roweis (University of Toronto)
Ruslan Salakhutdinov (University of Toronto)
Tamas Sarlos (Yahoo! Research)
Yoram Singer (Google Inc.)
Mark Tygert (Yale University)
Andrew Zisserman (University of Oxford)