Zariski-dense Subgroups

February 9 - 13, 2015


STQ-test_vertical orangeThis workshop will survey the recent progress in the study of Zariski-dense subgroups (both arithmetic and non-arithmetic) of semi-simple algebraic groups; the impact of this work on adjacent areas such as algebraic groups, division algebras, and Galois cohomology; and applications in further areas such as geometry (isospectral and length-commensurable locally symmetric spaces) and combinatorics (expander graphs). These developments have led to new connections between different areas of mathematics (algebra, number theory, algebraic and Lie groups, differential geometry and topology, and combinatorics), and the workshop will bring together people working in those areas, using the subject of Zariski-dense subgroups as a common thread to build new scientific connections as well as to solve new problems that have recently appeared.

This workshop will include a poster session; a request for posters will be sent to registered participants in advance of the workshop.

Organizing Committee

Gopal Prasad (University of Michigan)
Andrei S. Rapinchuk (University of Virginia)
Alan Reid (University of Texas at Austin)