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Presenting IPAM’s 2022 Annual Newsletter

Posted on 9/30/22 in IPAM Newsletter

IPAM’s 2022 Newsletter highlights, among others, the highly successful Latinx in the Mathematical Sciences Conference 2022. The third in the series, the conference brought together Latinx mathematicians and scientists from all stages of their careers including senior and junior faculty, researchers, career professionals, industry leaders, […]

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Presenting IPAM’s 2021 Annual Newsletter

Posted on 10/26/21 in IPAM Newsletter

IPAM’s 2021 Newsletter highlights include industry involvement at IPAM, stories on successes in nurturing innovation across mathematical and disciplines, and the new IPAM Simons Postdoctoral program.

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Presenting IPAM’s 2020 Annual Newsletter

Posted on 9/8/20 in IPAM Newsletter

2020 has been a year unlike any other. The COVID pandemic, social distancing, remote work, travel restrictions, movements for societal justice, all these shaped IPAM’s work and program format in unexpected ways. You can learn about the challenges we faced and the pathways we forged […]

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Presenting IPAM’s 2019 Annual Newsletter

Posted on 9/6/19 in IPAM Newsletter

IPAM is pleased to share our annual newsletter featuring Tatiana Toro’s (University of Washington) inspiration for the Latinx in the Mathematical Sciences (LatMath) Conference and Frank Noe’s (Freie Universität Berlin) experience in establishing interdisciplinary collaborations in the dynamic field of machine learning at IPAM. This […]

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