Data-driven Editable 3D Content Creation

Niloy Mitra
University College London

A long-standing goal of Computer Graphics is to create high-quality editable geometric content for a variety of applications including games, movies, product design, and engineering simulation. Decades of research has focused on developing tools to simplify such creation workflows. However, the process continues to heavily rely on highly skilled experts creating customized content using extensive manual effort. This is tedious and expensive. Moreover, only a few options allow reusing data across multiple content creation scenarios, even for very closely related tasks.

Advances in machine learning open up new avenues to fundamentally change content creation workflows. In this talk, I will discuss the latest results in this area and discuss how futuristic content creation workflows are likely to be. The talk will feature our latest methods in the context of patterns, geometry, and texture creation, and discuss open challenges in this area. More at

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