Oligonucleotide Fingerprinting of Ribosomal DNA Genes in the analysis of microbial communities

Andres Figueroa
University of Texas Pan American
Computer Science

Oligonucleotide fingerprinting of ribosomal DNA genes (OFRG) is a method that permits the identification of arrayed ribosomal RNA genes (rDNA) through a series of hybridization experiments using small DNA probes. It provides a cost effective means to extensively analyze microbial communities. OFRG sorts arrayed rDNA gene clones into taxonomic clusters through a series of hybridization experiments, each using a single oligonucleotide probe. There are many computationally challenging problems involved in OFRG, for example, probe set design, hybridizations signal processing and cluster analysis. In this talk, I will give an overview of the OFRG method as well as their challenging problems

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