Eitan Tadmor Receives 2022 Wiener Prize

Posted on 2/8/22 in News

Eitan Tadmor, Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, received the 2022 AMS-SIAM Norbert Wiener Prize in Applied Mathematics for his original contributions to applied and numerical analysis with applications in fluid dynamics, image processing, and collective dynamics. The prize also recognizes the significant impact of his fundamental work in theory and computation of nonlinear partial differential equations.

Eitan Tadmor was one of the founding members of IPAM in 2000 along with Mark Green and Tony Chan. Eitan has participated as a speaker in IPAM’s 2000 The Office of Naval Research Meeting, the 2003 summer school on Modern Applied Mathematics for the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, and 2005 conference titled International Forum on Multiscale Methods and Partial Differential Equations.

Congratulations Eitan Tadmor on this great achievement!

American Mathematical Society Press Release