IPAM 10th Anniversary Lecture: “IPAM: Historical, UCLA, NSF and Global Perspectives” by Tony Chan

November 2, 2010

The Lecture

IPAM invites you to its 10th Anniversary Conference Public Lecture presented by Dr. Tony Chan, President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The lecture begins at 4:30 in Franz 1178 (UCLA). A reception at IPAM (adjacent to Franz) will follow the lecture.



IPAM’s 10th anniversary is an occasion to reflect on its vision, inception and success. Its scientific impact has gone beyond that of the mathematical sciences to reach into many different disciplines. Its influence and contributions at UCLA have reached beyond the Math Dept and Physical Sciences to many other parts of campus. As an NSF national institute, it has served as an important infrastructure for the US mathematical sciences community, especially in acting as a platform to interact with other academic disciplines. Finally, the success of US mathematical institutes, IPAM included, has at least partially inspired many similar endeavors in other nations. I’ll give a personal perspective on these aspects of IPAM, from the perspective of a co-Principal Investigator of the IPAM proposal to NSF (and as UCLA Math Department Chair at the time), later as a Dean of Physical Sciences at UCLA, subsequently as an Assistant Director at NSF for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences and now as president of a university in Asia nurturing a new Institute for Advanced Studies.