PUNDiT: Practicum for Undergraduates in Number Theory

October 21 - 22, 2023


“PUNDiT: (P)racticum for (Und)ergraduates (i)n Number (T)heory” is a 2-day intensive program which will showcase number theory broadly interpreted at the introductory level.  A goal of this program is to expose Southern California students traditionally underrepresented in number theory (such as women and historically marginalized minorities) to the beauty of the subject.

The Practicum is introductory in nature and no prior number theory coursework will be assumed.  Students should be familiar with Calculus and Linear Algebra, although this is not required.  The Practicum is designed for students who have completed minimal coursework in upper-division mathematics courses.

PUNDiT will take place on Saturday October 21 and Sunday October 22, 2023 at IPAM in UCLA, and will feature:

• Tutorials: Two faculty members will rotate to give three lectures over two days to introduce topics in Number Theory.
• Problem Sessions: Two graduate students will coordinate a series of three hour-long group-work sessions where students will work on problems meant to supplement the tutorials.
• Expository Talks: Four experts in number theory will give one-hour introductory presentations on various topics.
• Professional Development: The organizers will lead two workshops on REUs, CVs, asking for letters of recommendation, etc.

Program Flyer

Organizing Committee

Edray Goins (Pomona College)
Haydee Lindo (Harvey Mudd College)