Massively Distributed Self-Organizing Networks

Part of the Long Program Large Scale Communication Networks
May 13 - 17, 2002


Whereas Workshop II concerns the horizontal integration of communication networks with other large-scale engineering systems, the focus of this workshop is on the vertical integration of communication networks with the physical substrate. Thus, the theme here is that at the component level, many networks (e.g., ad-hoc, sensor and control networks) must deal with energy or other resource constraints. If feedback control is done over a network, then the physical system being controlled is critical, and actuator bandwidth and power become additional constraints, as do certain real-time issues. Biology is a wonderful inspiration, as organisms not only integrate communications, controls, and computing but build networks at the molecular level. Biological networks must deal with energy limitations, but also stochastic effects of using chemicals as signaling systems. This workshop will delve into these cutting edge issues.

Organizing Committee

John Doyle (California Institute of Technology)
Deborah Estrin (UCLA)
Kristina Lerman (USC Information Sciences Institute)