NANO2002 Workshop II: Joint IPAM/MSRI Workshop on Quantum Computing

October 21 - 23, 2002


This workshop will focus on models and implementation for quantum computing. The proposed physical architectures for quantum computers have been quite diverse, as well as the corresponding mathematical models on which they are based. In many cases, the interplay between mathematical models and proposed physical architectures has proven to be quite fruitful, resulting in advances in both the physics and the mathematics of quantum computers. Still there are many open problems, including decoherence, fault tolerance, and materials properties. In this workshop we hope to explore these interactions further. This workshop will bring together experts representing a variety of different approaches to quantum computing: semiconductors, superconductors, NMR and trapped particles, as well as more novel approaches such as anyons. The aim of the workshop is to promote research on quantum computing and the different approaches to its implementation and to help bring the open problems in this field to the attention of mathematicians and nanosystem researchers.

Organizing Committee

David DiVencenzo (IBM)
Vwani Roychowdhury (UCLA)
Peter Shor (AT&T)