NANO2002 Workshop III: Data Analysis and Imaging

November 4 - 6, 2002


Effective research at the nanoscale requires data analysis and visualization to handle the intrinsic complexity of data. Conversely, hardware based on nanoscale devices could provide new means for realizing powerful real-time image processing and related information processing functions. Mathematical methods for imaging are being developed at a rapid pace, based on ideas such as wavelets and variational principles. New methods for handling large data sets, such as data mining are also being developed. Radically new approaches to hardware based on electron tunneling in two-dimensional arrays of nanoparticles and molecules show promise for image processing, but will require major mathematical advances in order to be effectively utilized. This workshop will cover complex issues in these two different aspects of imaging and the nanoscale.

Organizing Committee

Richard Kiehl (University of Minnesota)
Guillermo Sapiro (University of Minnesota)
Michael Vannier (University of Iowa)