Workshops IV: New Mathematical Frontiers in Network Multi-Resolution Analysis

November 17 - 21, 2008


This workshop will bring together researchers in mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, and statistics to develop new mathematical foundations in network-centric multiresolution analysis and to explore and define new mathematical or algorithmic techniques in network MRA. These techniques include methods of analysis, representation, and synthesis of large networks, as well as visualization, analysis, and representation of network measurements.

Some of the speakers will be ‘practioners’ or representatives from industry with both experience and applications, who will address situations in which novel mathematical techniques are necessary and are already being developed in a real-world setting. Other speakers will be academic researchers at the forefront of foundational research.

Organizing Committee

Robert Calderbank (Princeton University)
Anna Gilbert (University of Michigan)
Peter Jones (Yale University)
Steven Low (California Institute of Technology)
Matthew Roughan (University of Adelaide)
Denis Zorin (New York University)