Jacob Foster Weighs in on the Influence of AI on Creativity

Posted on 5/10/23 in News

In a recent UCLA newsroom article, Jacob Foster, UCLA associate professor of sociology and computational social scientist, discusses the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on creativity.  

Professor Foster is one of the organizers for the IPAM’s 2024 long program Mathematics of Intelligences. The program aims to establish mathematical foundations that can help in comprehending both natural and artificial intelligence.

In addition, Professor Foster has served as an organizer and speaker for IPAM’s workshop, Mathematics of Collective Intelligence, and Deep Fakery: Mathematical, Cryptographic, Social, and Legal Perspectives, was a participant in IPAM’s Long Program, Machine Learning for Physics and the Physics of Learning, and also participated as a speaker in IPAM workshops including Culture Analytics Tutorials, Mathematics of Social Learning, and Mathematics of Politics.

UCLA Newsroom