NSF awards postdoctoral fellowships to early-career mathematicians

Posted on 5/16/23 in News

The NSF has awarded 59 postdoctoral fellowships to researchers in mathematical sciences, astronomy and astrophysics to investigate a wide range of research topics, from planet formation to data analysis and artificial intelligence. We would like to congratulate the following IPAM affiliates who were awarded:

Abigail Hickok (Columbia University), academic mentor for IPAM’s 2021 Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) program.

Alex Kapiamba (University of Michigan), teaching assistant and mentor for IPAM’s 2021 special program, PUNDiT: Practicum for Undergraduates in Number Theory.

Lily Reeves (California Institute of Technology), speaker in IPAM’s 2024 workshop, Workshop III: Statistical Mechanics Beyond 2D.

 Daniel Spiegel (University of Colorado Boulder), participant in IPAM’s 2021 program, Graduate Summer School: Mathematics of Topological Phases of Matter.

NSF Press Release