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IPAM Board Member Nancy Potok Named Chief Statistician of the United States

Posted on 1/12/17 in News

IPAM Board of Trustees member Nancy Potok has been appointed chief statistician of the United States. According to the American Statistical Association (ASA), Potok’s new position is responsible for providing coordination, guidance, and oversight for U.S. federal statistical agencies and activities. Prior to this prestigious […]

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Nancy Potok

Skip Garibaldi Named Incoming Director of the Center for Communications Research at La Jolla

Posted on 1/5/17 in News

The Center for Communications Research at La Jolla has named Skip Garibaldi as Incoming Director. Garibaldi was an Associate Director at IPAM from 2013-2015, having taught at Emory University as the Winship Distinguished Research Professor and at various European institutions. Garibaldi is also well known […]

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Skip Garibaldi

Ami Radunskaya Will Receive AAAS Mentor Award

Posted on 12/13/16 in News

Ami Radunskaya, professor of mathematics at Pomona College, will receive the 2016 Mentor Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for her work to increase the number of women pursuing doctorates in mathematics. The award will be bestowed upon Radunskaya during the AAAS […]

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Radunskaya AWM

2017 Breakthrough Prizes Awarded to Two IPAM Participants

Posted on 12/8/16 in News

The Breakthrough prizes for 2017 include two IPAM participants: Mohammed Abouzaid (Columbia University) and Jean Bourgain (Institute for Advanced Study). Abouzaid, an organizer and speaker for IPAM’s upcoming workshop on Gauge Theory, was awarded a New Horizons prize in Mathematics, which honors those who have […]

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Mohammed Abouzaid