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Congratulations to SIAM’s Class of 2018 Fellows

Posted on 4/2/18 in News

On March 29, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) announced their 2018 Class of SIAM Fellows.  According to SIAM News, these members are recognized for their exemplary research and their outstanding service to the community.  Through their dedicated work, these distinguished members generate significant […]

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Pablo Parrilo

IPAM Wraps Up Successful Workshop on New Deep Learning Techniques

Posted on 2/26/18 in News

The week of February 5, 2018 IPAM held one of its largest workshops to date on New Deep Learning Techniques.  The workshop included two public lectures by Yann LeCun, Director of Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research and professor at NYU, as part of IPAM’s Green Family […]

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Dr. Juan Meza joins NSF

Posted on 2/22/18 in News

The National Science Foundation has appointed former IPAM Board of Trustees member Dr. Juan Meza as their Division Director of the Division of Mathematical Sciences, effective Feb 20, 2018.  Meza is coming to NSF from UC Merced, where he was Dean of Natural Sciences.  Prior […]

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Juan Meza photo

White Paper: Complex Energy Landscapes

Posted on 2/22/18 in Reports

This white paper was prepared by the participants of the fall 2017 long program Complex High-Dimensional Energy Landscapes. Recent advances in computational resources and the development of high-throughput frameworks enable the efficient sampling of complicated multivariate functions. This includes energy and electronic property landscapes of inorganic, […]

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EL2017 Graphic