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IPAM Partnerships Expand to Include New Institutions

Posted on 3/9/21 in News

IPAM’s Fall 2020 long program in Autonomous Vehicles involved a new IPAM partnership with primarily undergraduate and/or minority serving institutions.  This partnership expands access to IPAM programs for selected faculty from these institutions.  Such participation not only enables them to discuss their research and start […]

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LatMath 2022: Addressing a Critical Need Through Mentorship, Community-Building, and Celebrating Success

Posted on 3/4/21 in News

On the final night of IPAM’s 2018 Latinx in the Mathematical Sciences Conference (LatMath), Anthony Várilly-Alvarado approached Tatiana Toro, the Craig McKibben & Sarah Merner Professor in Mathematics at the University of Washington, with a promise. As a member of the IPAM board, Toro was […]

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The Simons Foundation Announces the 2021 Simons Fellows

Posted on 2/16/21 in News

The Simons Foundation has announced the 2021 Simons Fellows in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. The Simons Fellows program extends academic leaves from one term to a full year, enabling recipients to focus solely on research for the long periods often necessary for significant advances. Among […]

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RIPS Students Participate in JMM and NCUWM

Posted on 2/10/21 in News

IPAM’s Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) participants were amongst those who attended the 2021 Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) that took place virtually during January 6-9, 2021. Though virtual, it remained devoted to mathematics research, teaching, advancement, and achievement, as well as time for conversation with friends […]

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