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Goldwater Scholarship awarded to 2014 RIPS Student

Posted on 4/13/15 in News

Nathan Ng, a 2014 RIPS-Los Angeles student, was awarded the Goldwater Scholarship, the most prestigious undergraduate award given in the sciences. The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation aims to provide a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by […]

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AMD Donates $100,000 to IPAM

Posted on 4/8/15 in News

We are pleased to announce a $100,000 donation to IPAM from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). This unrestricted gift will support IPAM’s technical programs, as well as activities that cannot be funded with our NSF grant.   IPAM is grateful to Alan Lee, AMD’s Corporate Vice […]

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Osher, Calderbank Speak at BMC/BAMC Meeting

Posted on 4/7/15 in News

A collaborative meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium (BMC) and the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (BAMC) was held at the University of Cambridge last week. IPAM Science Advisory Board member Robert Calderbank (Duke) presented The Art of Measurement as part of the celebration of the […]

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Two RIPS Posters Receive Awards at JMM

Posted on 1/26/15 in News

Two posters featuring RIPS-Los Angeles projects and presented by several team members received Outstanding Presentation Awards at the MAA Undergraduate Poster Session. Andrew Belt and Nathan Ng won for their poster, “Polynomial expansion method for the numerical solution of the Lenard-Balescu equation.” The project sponsor […]

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