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2015 NSF-IPAM Mathematical Sciences Internship Workshop Report

Posted on 10/29/15 in Reports and White Papers

SUMMARY RECOMMENDATIONS This report reflects discussions and recommendation from the September 1-2, 2015 NSF-IPAM Mathematical Sciences Internship Workshop held at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) at UCLA.  The workshop was organized by Russel Caflisch, Mathematics, UCLA; Alan Lee, VP of Engineering, Advanced […]

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University of Washington Names Cauce as President

Posted on 10/28/15 in News

Ana Mari Cauce was recently selected to be the 33rd president of the The University of Washington. She is the first woman and the first Latina to serve as president of the public research university.  Dr. Cauce participated in IPAM’s Latinos in the Mathematical Sciences […]

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Novembre Named MacArthur Fellow

Posted on 10/13/15 in News

MacArthur Foundation recently awarded John Novembre (University of Chicago) a MacArthur Fellowship.  Novembre is a computational biologist who develops novel data visualization and analysis techniques to investigate the correlations among genomic diversity, geography, and demographic structure. He participated in IPAM’s long program High-Throughput Genomics in […]

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Terry Tao Solves the Erdős Discrepancy Problem

Posted on 10/9/15 in News

Terry Tao, member of IPAM’s Science Advisory Board and professor of math at UCLA, has published a solution to the Erdős discrepancy problem, a puzzle about the properties of an infinite, random sequence of +1s and -1s. In the 1930s, Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős wondered […]

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Terry Tao