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Terry Tao Solves the Erdős Discrepancy Problem

Posted on 10/9/15 in News

Terry Tao, member of IPAM’s Science Advisory Board and professor of math at UCLA, has published a solution to the Erdős discrepancy problem, a puzzle about the properties of an infinite, random sequence of +1s and -1s. In the 1930s, Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős wondered […]

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Terry Tao

White Paper: Mathematics of Turbulence

Posted on 10/1/15 in Reports and White Papers

This white paper on the recent progress and remaining open questions related to IPAM’s long program Mathematics of Turbulence  was written by Charlie Doering and Joe Klewicki. Read the full report. Introduction Turbulence is perhaps the primary paradigm of complex nonlinear multi-scale dynamics. It is […]

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IPAM Remembers Peter Smereka

Posted on 9/23/15 in News

IPAM mourns the death of a colleague and friend, Peter Smereka.  Peter was a professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan since 1994.  He received his PhD from UCSB and spent three years at UCLA as a postdoc, with Stan Osher and Russ Caflisch […]

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IPAM Introduces Six New Board Members

Posted on 9/14/15 in News

IPAM is pleased to announce six new members to its Science Advisory Board and Board of Trustees. Please join us in welcoming them to IPAM! Monique Miller and Steven Koonin will serve on the Board of Trustees. Miller is a Managing Director and Head of […]

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