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White Paper: Advancing Quantum Mechanics with Mathematics and Statistics

Posted on 8/28/22 in News

This white paper is an outcome of IPAM’s spring 2022 long program, Advancing Quantum Mechanics with Mathematics and Statistics. The white paper summarizes the activities and outcomes of the Long Program “Advancing Quantum Mechanics with Mathematics and Statistics” which was held at the Institute of […]

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Elliott Lieb Receives 2022 Gauss Prize

Posted on 7/9/22 in News

We are thrilled to report that Elliott H. Lieb, Professor of Mathematics and Higgins Professor of Physics (emeritus) at Princeton University, has been awarded the 2022 Gauss Prize. Announced at the International Mathematical Union (IMU) in Helsinki, Finland, the Gauss Prize honors scientists whose mathematical […]

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American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects New Members

Posted on 5/3/22 in News

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences recently announced the election of 261 new members. The academy is committed to multidisciplinary, nonpartisan research that engages experts in various fields and professions to provide pragmatic solutions for complex challenges. Each year, it recognizes some of the world’s […]

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Mathematics and Physics at the Moiré Scale

Posted on 4/27/22 in Research Articles

The unique electronic, optical, and mechanical properties of 2D materials have recently sparked an extraordinary level of experimental, theoretical, and computational activity in the materials science and physics communities. Interest in the mathematics community has recently emerged to develop rigorous foundations, improved models, and computational […]

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